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When you receive your meal kit - the shredded slaw will come separate from the dressing (unless you ordered Pickled Cabbage/Kimchi Slaw which is pre-marinated).  

For our kale slaw or romaine and cabbage slaw simply put the greens into a medium or large sized bowl (easy for tossing), drizzle dressing & toss until the greens are evenly coated.  At the restaurant we use around 3oz of dressing for this amount but you can put as much or as little as you prefer.  There will likely be some leftover which would be delicious to use later on any kind of salad you like - or just with a bowl of rice!


Our roast pork, bo ssam style, will be the only meat that comes already cooked.  We cure pork shoulders with sugar and salt for 24 hours and then cook them at a low temperature for 9 hours before shredding them and preparing them for our restaurant service.  The meat will come cold and need to be warmed up gently.

Grab your favorite small/medium sized pot or pan that that has a lid.  Add 1 TBSP of water and the pork.  Place on medium low heat and place the lid on top.  You want to gently bring it up to a hot temperature, and when mixing it be gentle as not to over shred the pork - you want it to be in large shreds, not totally dissolved.  It should be hot and ready to make your bowls or tacos with in 10-15 minutes!


This is a skill that makes such a difference when you get it right.  With our meal kits we are providing 2 cups of rice (either brown or white) which will probably give you some leftovers.

Rice cookers are a handy tool but this can also be done successfully with a regular pot.  See detailed rice cooking instructions here:



Our steak will come pre-marinated for you and ready to cook.  It is a bit tricky because it needs to be cooked at high heat for a very short amount of time to be juicy and flavorful.   

  • Use one of your larger flat pans or a wok. You want lots of space so that when you add the meat it doesn't cool down as fast and you get more surface area for browning.
  • Heat the pan up with oil (not olive oil) to high heat.
  • Add the steak and spread out evenly across the bottom of the pan.
  • Cook on high heat WITHOUT turning or moving for around 90 seconds
  • Scrape the pan and toss for another 90 seconds on high heat until just cooked through and caramelized. 
  • You may need to cook a little longer if your stove doesn't get very hot, or if you have a smaller pan with less surface area.


This seems straight forward but make sure you warm them up just right for a perfect taco.  We like to warm them up in a lightly oiled pan on high heat, flip them like pancakes just when they get a little color.  We don't recommend the microwave or the oven - those will make them mushy or dry.  Use the stove top and a non-stick skillet.  


Your tofu will come with the hoisin sauce already marinating in it.  This seems like an easy preparation but if you want to get it caramel colored like we do in the restaurant you'll need to pay close attention.  

Add the tofu with sauce to a wok or medium sized non-stick skillet and turn on medium high heat.  Bring it up to a boil and start to toss and turn often.  You're going to reduce the sauce until its thick, sticky, and dark - but to do that you have to be totally present and paying attention.  It will totally burn and be trash if you turn your back.  As the cooking process continues it becomes more important to keep moving and tossing the tofu.  We don't recommend mixing, you don't want to break the delicate cubes.  You'll know it's finished if it looks delicious to you and before it burns!


Our very popular chicken will come marinated and ready to be cooked.  It is raw chicken to be careful to not cross contaminate and wash your hands in between tasks.  

You'll want to start with your favorite pan and add one tablespoon of oil (not olive).  Once you get it to medium high heat, add the chicken in an even layer across the bottom of the pan.  Leave it there for at least 90 seconds otherwise you'll never get good color on it.  After 90 seconds - 2 minutes you can begin to toss and turn the chicken to evenly cook.  After about 3 more minutes of high heat cooking, add 1 tablespoon of water and reduce the heat to medium or medium low (depending on your stove).  Cook at the lower temperature for around 4 more minutes before it's ready to serve!